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Corporate Responsibility

Our Duty

At Hollypark™, our corporate responsibility plan of action consists of five core pillars: ethics, people, environment, philanthropy and performance


We believe in doing business ethically, hiring great people and positioning them for professional success, being respectful of our environment, and supporting the communities where we live and work. In managing our business performance, this operating perspective has enabled us to assess risks and opportunities in innovation and thought leadership, as well as environmental, social, and governance considerations that can impact our long-term value.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is unwavering and plays a critical role in our business strategy.


Our sustained operational and financial success has always been predicated on our commitment to doing business ethically and with integrity. We promote a corporate culture that is consistent from the senior management team to each employee in the organization. We believe it is our responsibility to “lead from the top” to ensure we operate in an ethical manner.


We understand that our people are the most valuable asset in which we invest. We strive to hire talented people and empower them, help them enhance their skills through training, and provide opportunities for advancement. We believe workforce diversity provides a strategic advantage—it infuses fresh ideas into the business and helps us remain connected to all of our stakeholders, and enables us to relate to, understand, and therefore better serve the communities where we do business. 


We are dedicated to operating our business responsibly by minimizing our impact on natural resources and ecosystems, while promoting renewable energy and biodiversity.  We focus on minimizing the environmental impact of the materials used in our daily operations by reducing, reusing and recycling. We believe a culture of sustainable operations begins with doing everything we can to provide a greener space for employees to work collaboratively and be inspired.


Community engagement is a key component of our business culture. Local grassroots activities enable us to contribute to causes our employees are passionate about, and facilitate increased employee involvement in philanthropic activities, in order to build strong partnerships with the communities where its employees live and work.


We have generated consistent operational and financial results over a long period of time due to the stability of our business model, and our ability to acquire attractive assets . With our operational momentum and asset base, our mission remains consistent: to develop and manage a successful real estate portfolio to deliver strong growth and returns in the process.

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